• T-shirt I designed for local festival Brisfest
  • Whilst working for Element78, I designed a site for Bath & Bristol Tipi Hire. I also produced interactive wireframes in Axure as well.
  • Homepage I designed for CUBO while working at Wildfire
  • New website I designed & developed for Wildfire

Some more of my work...

A bit about this site...

Hi, I'm Matt Croucher. A web designer that dabbles with a bit of front-end code from time to time. I'm publicly rebuilding my site until it's at a level I'm happy with. There are several reasons for doing this and they are as follows: 1) If I didn't do this I'd be tweaking it for ever more and probably never release the new site. 2) I'm hoping it will mean I pay more attention to my site and actually update it, rather than just leaving it to rot like the last site. 3) Plenty of people have given talks and written blog posts on the subject and I think the main point is that we'll never get anything done if we're always waiting until things are perfect before showing them off.

So, that's a long winded way of saying here's my site, please have a look and if you're so inclined then please please please let me know on Twitter, Facebook or email where you think I need to work on.



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