Family Law Solicitors Sutton Coldfield

Navigating divorce and separation is difficult and not planned for whenever it happens. However, with the current COVID-19 pandemic has given unique unavoidable challenges. With so much being out of control, it is hard to plan for the future given the short- and long-term impacts on day-to-day life and financially.

With so many couples facing the financial impact of the pandemic, potentially losing their job or being put on furlough, couples have felt the financial pressure. This is usually the main source of arguments for most partners before the pandemic, so this may have highlighted an issue that already existed.

With an unstable future not yet confirmed, a housing market we are still yet to see the full effect on, couples can find it hard to agree on a settlement plan and living arrangements. It is good to seek the advice of family law solicitors.

How Family Law Solicitors Can Help

Although the initial impact of lockdown led family law solicitors Sutton Coldfield to be backlogged with an influx of applications, most solicitors have successfully adapted with virtual proceedings to ensure the divorce and separation can progress.

It is also worth considering a formal separation agreement if you cannot proceed with a full divorce at present. It is a formal, legal document which sets out the agreement reached by both parties regarding the end of your relationship. This can include what is happening to the family home, how savings and debts will be managed and if there are any maintenance payments to be made. This can then be considered when you go through the divorce process and reduce time and costs later on if both parties remain in the agreement.

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