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Dell Optiplex Computers

Dell OptiPlex computers are solid and reliable. The Dell OptiPlex ranges are among the best in the business, the computers are aimed at enterprise, government and education markets. The Dell OptiPlex range typically contains Intel CPU’s, beginning with the Pentium and core microarchitecture.

The Dell computer range offers efficiency without limits, ideal for education environments, call centres and busy businesses. The Dell OptiPlex desktop computers come with reliability and space saving benefits. They are easy to maintain and mount. Essential for pushing productivity.

There are many different computers within the Dell OptiPlex range, all are equipped with Intel core processors, and the security features within this range are the best, easier and faster than some others on the market. Speak to a computer specialist to advise you on choosing the right one that works best for you and your needs.

The Dell OptiPlex 3050 and 3060 computers are best for business based environments; they are fast and dependable computers.

The Dell OptiPlex 5050 and 5060 are upgrades from the Dell 5040. The 5050 and 5060 have a professional look and give you the pace and power you need.

The Dell OptiPlex 7050 and 7060 has 6 external USB’s, a universal audio jack, HDMi and display port, this will also come with Windows 10 pro.

Dell OptiPlex all in one computer are sleek, have a compact look, they are powerful and fast. The Dell OptiPlex all in one range has the power of a normal desktop unit or laptop, however, it takes up less space, easy to carry with a telescopic viewing pivot.